Clint Dager

Retired CAT-1 racer, personal trainer, mountain biker and an all around good guy! Specializing in new bike builds upstairs at our shop is where he can be found. Loads of experience and applied knowledge makes for an easy conversation/test ride experience. We’ve got him Tuesday thru Saturday!

Megan Benner

Megan handles all the day to day runnings of this shop. Customer service, inventory, special orders, scheduling, accounts payables, accounts receivables and the usual daily dance of  putting out fires….

Joe Zimmerman

Joe is our weekday bike builder for all things new. Master woodworker by trade… needless to say the attention to detail is in place.

Rob Garrison

Rob Garrison started out as a part time employee with an area bicycle retailer, managed other locations, and climbed the proverbial ladder to become service manager. He has learned mostly everything from a hands on approach paired up with Shimano, Sram, Dt Swiss, Wheel Smith, and a slew of other manufacturers’ classroom sessions. The list of names from which he developed his skills and knowledge is vast and ever growing. He built his reputation around doing what he said he would do, and getting it right the first time. He takes great pride in the knowledge base he possesses, and the way his customers are treated.

Rob’s 24-Hour Pit Mechanic Bike Race Resume:

  • Canaan, WV – 3 years in a row
  • Snowshoe, WV – 3 years in a row
  • Seven Springs, PA – 2 years in a row
  • Allamuchy, NJ – 2 years
  • Dalton, MA – 2 years
  • Moab, UT – 2 years

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Rick Nersasian

Rick ran a medium sized bike shop boutique in the North Wilmington area for the better part of 15 years where he left a lasting impression on his clientele. He then took a position with the Rock Shox Corporation in 2001, which led him to Colorado for the better part of 6 years. He rode the Sram/Avid/Rock Shox merger out and eventually found his way back to Wilmington, Delaware. He tries to commute daily from his residence 8-10 miles away rain or shine. Rick is way too fast on a mountain bike and really puts the hammer down to humble fellow riders. It’s fun to watch a 20 y/o get schooled by a 50+ y/o!

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