We often offer a cheaper price to a customer paying cash/check for a new bike rather than alternate payment methods. Please understand that cash and check are just that. They are NOT a payment method that needs to be swiped or run through the computer. If you choose to use a credit card we accept most major credit cards except American Express.


The first time a price is asked it’s a fair deal… the third time the same person asks it’s retail. Please respect our pricing. We do our best to bring our customers a good value. But we are an independent bicycle shop, not an online retailer. Therefore we simply cannot match online prices of online stores.


Please do not arrive before we open. We don’t unlock the doors before our posted open time. Respect our hours and don’t arrive after we’ve closed for the day. We have families and lives outside of the shop, and it’s important for us to get home to them quickly after we close.


Due to limited space we cannot store an excessive number of customer bikes in the shop. Therefore customers are required to schedule an appointment for repairs rather than arriving unannounced and leaving the bike for service.