Make: Salsa
Model: Spearfish SLX
Model Year: 2016
Size: Large
Color: Blue
Frame Material: Carbon
Price: $3699.00 / $2499.99

Spearfish Geometry

Designed for all-day XC riding or racing. Stable and balanced handling. The carbon Spearfish SLX provides efficient power transfer and plush rear suspension without sacrificing performance. The Spearfish is our goto bicycle for ultra-endurance and/or singletrack racing for the performance riders.

Adjustable Ride Characteristics

100mm Fork Compatible

Frame geometry and handling based on an average 100mm 29er suspension fork.

Pivot Minimizing Suspension

An 80mm rear travel version of our link-actuated single pivot design. The Spearfish features our simplified one-piece rear triangle with shaped stays and a shared pivot link design that reduces pivot points and hardware. This creates a lighter and stiffer rear end with fewer wear and maintainance points

80mm Rear Wheel Travel

Combined with 29er wheels and our Endurance Geometry, the Spearfish goes further and faster with less.

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