Make: Wilier
Model: Zero.9
Model Year: 2015
Size: Xtra-Large 57cm
Color: Carbon / Yellow
Frame Material: Carbon
Price: $3499 / $2568

Pro Racer for the Budgeted Rider

The Zero.9 frameset is very much a balancing act. It nearly shares a geometry with Wilier’s feathery Zero.7 (one mm off here and there) and a carbon lay-up with their WorldTour Cento1SR. Even with this DNA, the Zero.9 takes its own path. The tubes are smaller in diameter and the profiles are much more rounded than you’ll find elsewhere in Wilier’s lineup. This means that the bike will ride fast, but feel stable and comfortable, working in a subtler asymmetric rear end that is able to resist rider-created forces while still allowing road-created forces to get absorbed before reaching the rider.

The balancing act also includes the oversized bottom bracket shell and the skinnier seat stays. And the tapered 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ steerer which then transitions to a chunky fork crown, and then back to slender legs before reaching the fork tips. Efficiency and precision are important, but so, too, is long-ride comfort.

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