Make: Salsa
Model: Mukluk 3
Model Year: 2015
Size: Large
Color: White
Frame Material: Aluminium
Price: $1899.99 / $1261.90

Mukluk Geometry

Designed as a blend between fatbike and mountain bike. Mukluk provides floatation in soft conditions like snow and sand, but also incredible traction and stability for singletrack dirt trail conditions. Geometry provides generous standover clearance facilitating dabbing, restarts, dismounts and re-mounts. Alternator dropouts facilitate adjustable geometry for optimal handling for the given terrain.

Adjustable Ride Characteristics

Using the Alternator dropouts, geared riders can fine-tune the ride characteristics of their bike by adjusting chainstay length and overall wheelbase to be quick and nimble, or longer and more stable.

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